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Biology is on offer in Nairn Academy along with Chemistry and Physics.

The Biology courses have been designed to give pupils an understanding of the applications of Biology in many areas of everyday life. It should also form a firm foundation for further studies in the subject. Biology is recognised as an important entry qualification for many courses such as the Medical Sciences, Agriculture, Teaching and Nursing e.g. some Universities may require Higher Human Biology in 5th Year while others will accept a ‘crash’ Human Biology in 6th Year.

Biology courses offered in Nairn Academy include:


  • Intermediate 1 Biology
  • Standard Grade Biology


  • Intermediate 2 Biotechnology
  • Higher Human Biology
  • Advanced Higher (S6 Only)

Current Biology department staff include:

  • David Vaughn – Principal Teacher (Chemistry & Biology)
  • Lyndsey Gray – Biology & Chemistry
  • Douglas Sutherland
  • Elspeth Matheson (part-time)

Art & Design

Art and Design aims to develop pupils skills in the fields of Graphics, Visual Expression, Investigation, and Planning and Design. These are useful skills for a pupil interested in a career which involves designing or planning e.g. Architecture , Interior Design, Textiles and Craft Production. In addition, a pupil going into many courses in further education would benefit from having well-developed visual/drawing skills e.g. contributing to their presentation of course assignments. Finally, these skills can make a contribution to such everyday tasks as choice of clothes, planning room layouts, home decorating, dressmaking, etc.

  • Principal Teacher – Miss Fiona Sellar
  • Teacher – Mrs Vicky Boyce
  • Teacher – Mrs Rachel McBride
  • Teacher – Mrs Susan Webster